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Latest sysstat version

Here is the latest sysstat version.
Please note that odd and even version numbers no longer reflect development or stable versions for sysstat. This latest version is that which should be used for distribution packaging.

Version Date sha1sum Download link
12.7.4 2023-06-18 b44229352c5301c731ee6d7107b72e06aecc9375 Download (tar.xz format)

Previous sysstat versions

You can find below some of the sysstat versions that have been previously released.

Version Date sha1sum Download link
12.7.2 2023-01-29 5a0c48ee08f6511134e854542106a83ec01fe598 Download (tar.xz format)
12.7.1 2022-11-06 7e2907fdad721a822350ad573ad478ff4762f8d5 Download (tar.xz format)
12.6.1 2022-11-06 a730982e0c2d4964a0022c1509f3ea0a345402bc Download (tar.xz format)
12.6.0 2022-05-29 1a7eb8871580b435c22899259278f05daba213ec Download (tar.xz format)
12.4.5 2022-02-28 69f62e3e98361027e9af0233e84e589731471726 Download (tar.xz format)
12.2.2 2020-05-08 2289f8d3533a5eeca9d82799c4ab6292a7c843aa Download (tar.xz format)
12.0.6 2019-08-14 c170905f47d8930b719b443dff09399df1afcd91 Download (tar.xz format)
11.6.6 2018-10-13 d660d1ea60b0329aee4dfc894de11b182f2965e8 Download (tar.xz format)
11.4.11 2018-10-13 291051b0da346b4687b8bbcd8d082df6aab38e09 Download (tar.xz format)
11.2.14 2018-01-12 d62655f42ff5a62304fb7af43c92fd546fe19e80 Download (tar.xz format)
11.0.8 2015-10-23 22910242c6c5c1a0ff9699ef212195f90aa4d9ae Download (tar.xz format)
10.2.1 2014-01-19 a1bd26eeeb8cd503e394f64cd8a5dd76c6319a88 Download (tar.bz2 format)
10.0.5 2012-05-16 8386be30020864727033e45d8fa74c5c4af23be7 Download (tar.bz2 format)
9.0.6 2009-11-11 f54c53b218cf631240ece04013e1f49a1371d7ac Download (tar.bz2 format)